Thursday, March 5, 2009

Canon PowerShot SX1IS - Buy Now - $599.95

You can purchase the Canon PowerShot SX1IS from for only $599.95. Order today by clicking here.

Canon PowerShot SX1IS

Canon has released another digital camera in its line of EOS cameras. The PowerShot SX1IS has a grip that is shaped perfect for your hand. Its shooting experience is perfect in every way.

Still images are magnificent thanks to the DIGIC 4 image processor in the Canon PowerShot SX1IS. The recently-evolved Face Detection Technology along with a wide-angle optical zoom of 20X sets this digital camera apart from others.

The PowerShot SX1IS is capable of creating full High Definition movies and contains an HDMI output.

Also, the SX1 IS is 10.0 megapixel and is the first PowerShot that comes with a CMOS sensor. This has become the hallmark of the EOS line by Canon.

Create Full HD Movies With The PowerShot SX1IS

This advanced still camera also combines to allow you to create awesome movies The new PowerShot SX1 IS was developed for this purpose. The movies that you shoot in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) will capture your memories with realism, brilliance and clarity.

The PowerShot SX1 IS makes it a snap to enjoy High Def movies and photos on your High Definition television using the mini-HDMI cable so that you can direct connect to a HD monitor. You will enjoy the complete quality of High Definition with no reduction of image or audio quality in the signal, and with improve playback functionality, allowing you view up to 130 images at one time.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

RAW + JPEG Modes Available With The PowerShot SX1 IS

RAW mode with the PowerShot SX1 IS allows you take pictures without JPEG compression.

You are given better images and total creative control when editing your images. RAW images are transferred directly to your PC where they can be edited by using an image editing application or processing software to adjust images however you wish.

The SX1 IS can also has a setting that allows you to simultaneous record in RAW and JPEG mode while taking photos.

Wide Angle 20x Optical Zoom - Optical Image Stabilizer

The PowerShot SX1 IS features a precise 28mm wide angle lens which allows shooting any scene from wide angle to telephoto. It allows capturing more in each and every frame, so all members fit during a family gathering photo shoot.

If you want to take a closer look, a 20x optical zoom (35 mm film = 28-560 mm) reduces camera shake and increases the brilliance of each detail. This digital camera uses an Ultrasonic Motor to get high speed and quiet and energy efficient movement from the lens with precision control. Focal length is indicated on the lens barrel making this a convenient feature.

The Canon PowerShot SX1IS is comes with the acclaimed Optical Image Stabilizer Technology which will automatically detect & correct any camera of the primary reasons of fuzzy or blurry pictures. This is important when zoomed in so that a steady and crisp and brilliant image can be taken. And the Optical Image Stabilizer Technology is quite easy to use. It works perfectly whether using the flash or not.

LCD Widescreen - 2.8 inch With Variable Angle & Viewfinder

The PowerShot SX1IS has a 2.8-inch LCD widescreen that gives you a large picture while shooting or reviewing or displaying the images. The high res screen provides crisp and clear pictures that make picture taking, playback and using the menu functions quite convenient.

The widescreen is clear & bright and features a Night Display convenient viewing during low light conditions. Also there is an electronic viewfinder that takes sharp photos while shooting during close-up situations with the Super Macro mode.